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Scalp micropigmentation for Arab men

A light-coloured skin in combination with ‘Arabic’ hair, is very suited for micropigmentation. Men with this background are at the right place at Tattoo Bob. This hair type is unique and tends to grow spiral-shaped. Therefore the hair grows passing the scalp first before growing on in length. The contrast between the skin and hair colour is more evident. The treatment is adapted to these nuances.

During and after the treatment, the skin tends to turn red. On coloured skin is this is less visible. The redness usually lingers for one day but is less visible the darker your skin is. Another advantage for Arab men, is that the shaven-look is a very common one. We often don’t have to shave hair before the treatment and the men walk out of our place with basically the same hairdo. It is then less striking that one has undergone this treatment.

Arab stubble

Tattoo Bob has the nickname ‘stoppeldokter’ in Dutch. Translated, this means ‘stubble-doctor’. That’s of course for a great reason. He gained this nickname because of his revolutionary method to create a highly realistic look. He doesn’t just tattoo stubbles, but also very fine and small hairs. The combination of these hairs with the stubbles create a beautiful result. This unique method is a total game changer in the world of scalp micropigmentation for Arab men. Tattoo Bob is a real pioneer.


Many light-coloured and Arab get their hair contoured very tightly. These tight lines a create a neat, timeless and well-groomed look. Creating this look happens with a super sharp razor. But how do you do that when your hair doesn’t grow enough? Pigmentation is the solution.

Wake up everyday with a perfect hairdo.