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Aftercare is important to get the maximum result of your Micro Hair Pigmentation treatment at MHP Center HollandObserving the aftercare instructions may prevent pigmented hair follicles to become ugly, discolor, fade or even disappear.

Aftercare instructions Micro Hair Pigmentation:

  • Avoid contact with chlorine and/or salt water for 7 days
  • Avoid use of saunas and/or steam baths for the first two weeks
  • Do not use products that contain alcohol on the scalp, after the treatment. These products can affect pigments which can negatively affect the final result of the Micro Hair Pigmentation treatment.
  • Avoid sunlight, tanning beds and/or other forms of UV light after the treatment.
  • Always protect your stubble tattoo from the sun with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF).

 is also useful to know that you will probably have a red scalp after the treatment. You can go outside with this. MHP Center Holland does however advice you to rinse your head at home with cold water and a disinfectant soap.

For a natural healing process, we at MHP Center Holland recommend using Bepanthen Cooling Spray Foam. This spray is intended to avoid skin irritation, such as redness and will soften your skin after the treatment. Bepanthen Cooling Foam Spray is available in pharmacies or drugstores

Daily Care

After the MHP treatment it is very important to protect your stubble tattoo from UV radiation daily. Even though you cannot see sunlight or the sunlight is weak, UV radiation is always present and can make your stubble tattoo paler or even make them fade. By rubbing your scalp daily with a high and good sun protection prevents discoloration and fading of your stubble tattoo.

At MHP Center Holland, we are often asked what sun protection is the best. Our experience tells us that Biodermal Matifying Sun Fluid (SPF30 + or 50+, the higher the better) can offer you the best protection for your Micro Hair Pigmentation. Besides a good protection this also includes a matting effect, which prevents a shining skin.

Biodermal Matterende zonnefluide

In addition to the daily use of a good sun protection it is also recommended to always use a moisturizing cream or gel, especially in the winter months. The changing temperatures during the winter can dry out your scalp. Using a moisturizer on a daily basis prevents dryness of the skin. Our favorite moisturizing products are:

Biodermal Gelcrème Vette & Gemengde Huid  (Drogistplein) or HeadBlade HeadLube Moisturizing Lotion Matte (


To prevent skin irritations after the MHP treatment, we recommend to use Bepanthen Fam Spray.

Bepanthen Cooling Foam Spray is available at the drugstore and pharmacy.

Bepanthen Cooling Foam Spray

Do you want to be able to cut your hair in any lenght? Then the Philips HC9490/15 is perfect for you. This hairclipper has 400 different length-stands. The 3 clips can cut from 0,5 mm till 42 mm, with steps of 0,1 mm in between. 

Philips Tondeuse

Of course you want to take full advantage of your stubble tattoo. For a perfectly shaven look with a stubble tattoo we recommend a hair length between 0.2mm and 0.5mm. The Remington BHT250 Delicates & Body Hair Trimmer is a compact 2-in-1 clipper, which meets all the requirements for a perfect 'shaved look'.

Body Hair Trimmer

Do you want to be done quickly?

This trimmer is the solution!


Cicaplast balm B5 is the multi-recoverer for the sensitive and irritated skin. It brings immediate mitigation and it aid a quick and qualitative repair of the skin.

Cicaplast balsem B5

Both products have a moisturizing and a mattifying effect that prevent the scalp from looking too shiny.

Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturizer geeft een vochtboost met matte finish en de power van de HydroBlur™ techniek. Fijne lijntjes, rimpeltjes en vlekjes worden verdoezelt, de huid wordt fluweelachtig zacht. Draag solo voor een mooie, flawless no make-up look of als een make-up primer die de huid glad maakt voor een foundation of poeder.