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Ultra Fine Technique

MHP Center Holland uses a self-developed technique called the Ultra Fine Technique (UFT) to place stubble tattoos. In contrast to the technique that is used in many other clinics for Micro Hair Pigmentation, this technique is even more sophisticated.

MHP Center Holland has not only refined the technique, but also the equipment. We use specially developed equipment and needles, to tattoo stubbles so real that they are not distinguishable by the naked eye.


MHP Center Holland has specialized in cosmetic and medical tattoos for years, and likewise in Micro Hair Pigmentation treatments.

Our years of knowledge and experience with medical and cosmetic tattoos, has led to the knowledge that the standard technique used in many clinics does not give the best achievable results. That is why MHP Center Holland started developing its own UFT method and equipment. Using our own technique, we can place a stubble tattoo that is even more realistic up close.

Because we use the UFT method and only complete the treatment when the ultimate result has been achieved, this is the best result to possibly achieve. We work with the finest needles and ink. The needles are specially developed for this method. Of course, the standard method as used in other clinics is also good, but we have still tried to take this one step further.

This has led to the UFT method, which is even more accurate and perhaps more important … even more realistic.


We want you to know that both the standard technique as our own technique make it almost impossible to spot pigmented stubbles with the naked eye, however, if you take a close look and zoom in, there is indeed a difference.

With the standard technique used for Micro Hair Pigmentation you can see (if you take a closer look, take a picture or zoom in up close) that the tattooed stubbles look more like spots. These spots provide a soft appearance but are not like “real” stubbles.

We want only the best results for every MHP Center Holland customer and for this reason we have decided to develop our own sophisticated technique and equipment in which even the most delicate tattooed stubbles are indistinguishable from the real ones.

Because this technique is not used anywhere else in the Netherlands and because we want to preserve the exclusivity of it, we cannot provide any detailed explanation.


Although the technique can be the best, placing a stubble tattoo is a highly complex specialism and cannot be performed by any tattoo artist. Applying stubbles using the MHP technique is in fact completely different from applying a conventional tattoo. For this reason, stubble tattoos can only be performed by specialists who have years of knowledge and experience in Micro Hair Pigmentation. Of course, we can assure you the best at MHP Center Holland. This means that our specialist has indeed the right knowledge and experience required to place the ultimate stubble tattoo.

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