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Below is a price list for Micro Hair Pigmentation treatments at MHP Center Holland. Because each (hair) situation is different, all prices mentioned are indicative prices. Prices can vary between €200,- and €2400,-. All prices are including the post-treatments and the guarantee that you leave the door satisfied. This means that we will apply multiple treatments until the desired result is achieved.

For a price indication you can always email a photo to

On request it is possible to pay the Micro Hair Pigmentation treatment in two parts.

Hairline + Receding Hairline

Hairline + Receding Hairline

Starting price €500,- including post-treatments.

Hairline + Receding Hairline (Extra)

Hairline + Receding Hairline (Extra)

Starting price €750,- including post-treatments.

Small crown + Receding Hairline

Small crown + Receding Hairline

Starting price € 400,- - € 1000,- including post-treatments.

Big Crown + Receding Hairline

Big Crown + Receding Hairline

Starting price € 1000,- - € 1500,- inclusive post-treatments.

Extra big crown and complete head

Extra big crown and complete head

Price: € 1600,- - € 2100,- including post-treatments.

Complete head+ Receding Hairline

Complete head+ Receding Hairline

Price: €2100,- -€2500,- including post-treatments.

Complete head

Complete head including neck hairline, sides and top.

Often done to people with little to no hair caused by an illness like alopecia.

Price: € 3000,- - € 3500,- including post-treatments.

FUE treatments

FUE treatments

Price: € 500,- - € 1000,- including post-treatments.

Fut pigmentation Treatment

Fut pigmentation Treatment

Price: € 350,- - € 500,- including post-treatments.

Fill up with own hair

Fill up with own hair

Price: € 1000,- - € 2000,- including post-treatment.

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