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Dark Skin

stubble tattoo is particularly suitable for the darker skin i.e. men with afro hair. In contrast to a fair skin, placing a stubble tattoo has even more advantages to a darker skin. One of the advantages is that a darker or tanned skin will discolor less visibly during a Micro Hair Pigmentation treatment. The fairer the skin, the redder your skin can be during the treatment. The redness can last about 1 day. With a darker or tanned skin, the skin can become somewhat darker after the treatment which will diminish the redness or make it much less noticeable.

Another advantage of a tanned skin is that these men often have been blessed by a naturally "shaven look". Because of this, the outside world will barely notice it when they are undergoing several hair pigmentation treatments. This also applies to the stubble and the hair that is 'added'.

Tattoo Bob's stubble doctor has developed a revolutionary method for the darker skin. Besides the stubbles, he also tattoos very short hairs, which will create a pretty realistic look. This method is not used anywhere and this is therefore a next step in the world of Micro Hair Pigmentation, which makes MHP Center Holland's stubble doctor a pioneer in this field.


Men with a tanned or darker skin often choose for a tighter finish of their hairlines. You do not need to go to the hairdresser anymore, you can enjoy this PERMANENTLY using Micro Hair Pigmentation i.e. stubble tattoo. Nowadays, tight hairlines are not only popular with darker men, also men with a paler skin increasingly opt for tightly finished contours.