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MHP Center Holland with its years of experience and knowledge, is the most famous address in the Netherlands for Micro Hair Pigmentation(MHP), also known as Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) or Scalp Pigmentation. MHP Center Holland is located at the famous studio of Tattoo Bob in Rotterdam. He is the founder of the Dutch tattoo scene and quickly distinguished himself from the other tattoo shops by working in a hygienic and medically responsible manner. Thanks to his contacts with several dermatologists, Bob began a new strand of skin decorations, namely medical and cosmetic tattooing (medical tattoos are for instance nipple reconstructions and scars camouflage and cosmetic tattoos are for example permanent makeup and scalp pigmentation).

All treatments which are performed in beauty clinics today have their origin in the tattoo shop. The Micro Hair Pigmentation treatment is carried out by our special MHP specialist who is the co-developer of the Ultra Fine Technique (UFT) method. Thanks to his years of experience and knowledge of the skin, we are able to offer tailored advice. The result is permanent and amazing!

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MHP Center Holland

MHP Center Holland with our own specially developed UFT method is the most famous address for Micro Hair Pigmentation in the Netherlands.

Micro Hair Pigmentation cannot simply be performed by any tattoo artist. Placing a perfect stubble tattoo requires the right knowledge and years of experience. For this reason, MHP Center Holland only works with a real MHP specialist who we call the Stubble Doctor. This specialist has not only the right knowledge, but also years of experience in the field of medical and cosmetic tattooing (including MHP but also permanent makeup and realistic nipple tattoos).

"I am happy that I went to the MHP Center Holland!"


MHP Center Holland always has a pleasant atmosphere. Upon entering you will immediately see the huge tattoo shop of Tattoo Bob. If you like you may (at a distance) watch the tattoos that are placed at that moment or take a look at the Tattoo Museum.

Every customer is equal and this is very important to us at MHP Center Holland. That is why you do not sit in a separate waiting area, but rather cozy in the shop, together with other customers that are waiting for a Permanent Makeup (PMU) treatment or wait to have a tattoo removed by a skin therapist. In this way, there is always contact between both the staff and the (waiting) customers. When it is you turn, our specialist or one of our employees will take you to a private room where your treatment will take place. During your treatment, you can watch TV, read a book or just relax and listen to music.

Of course, you can be assured of our continued professionalism and quality. MHP Center Holland will always make sure that every customer is satisfied and we will not settle for anything less!