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Stubble Doctor

MHP Center Holland is very proud to have Ralph Moelker, the son of the legendary Tattoo Bob, working with us. Ralph is a tattoo artist specialized in placing medical and cosmetic tattoos and is also known as the 'stubble doctor'.

In addition to his work at Tattoo Bob, Ralph is always concerned with the quality (and quality improvement) in the tattoo industry. For this reason, Ralph is also active as a consultant at the Public Health Service (GGD) and recently a member of the NEN committee. One of his activities at the NEN committee is to focus on the realization of the guidelines for the national and international tattoo branch.

Stubble Tattoo

Onze 'stoppeldokter' plaatste als één van de eersten in Nederland de stoppeltattoo. De stoppeltattoo is volledig bedacht en geïntroduceerd door tattoo-artiest Ralph Moelker. 

With a stubble tattoo, stubbles are tattooed on the scalp using a special technique, also known as Micro Hair Pigmentation. This technique is very suitable for anyone with unwanted baldness! Because MHP Center Holland did not think that the standard MHP technique was good enough, we have developed our own special UFT technique. With special needles and equipment, stubbles that are undistinguishable from real ones are being tattooed on the scalp with an unprecedented revolutionary outcome as a result.

Placing a perfect stubble tattoo is a real specialty. This means that a stubble tattoo cannot simply be placed by any tattoo artist. Of course, the stubble doctor is the best in his profession and you can have a stubble tattooed at MHP Center in Holland with confidence!

Free trial piece?!

Are you interested in having a stubble tattoo but unsure for whatever reason? During a free intake, it is possible to have a free test piece placed by our stubble doctor! Quickly contact us for making an appointment!