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Hair Transplant or MHP

MHP Center Holland specializes in placing stubble tattoos using Micro Hair Pigmentation. Micro Hair Pigmentation is specifically for men and women who suffer from baldness, thinning hair or (substantial) hair loss. This medical tattooing is also very suitable to camouflage scars as a result of surgery or a FUT Hair Transplant.

By using a specially developed UFT method and equipment, real-life stubbles are tattooed on the scalp. In order to take a proper decision, we like to present some different possibilities to beat baldness.

Before you take a final decision, we would like to give you the following tips:

  • Always carefully weigh the pros AND cons.
  • Be informed.
  • Always ask for and look carefully at several examples. Please ensure that these pictures are actually taken at the relevant clinic. Much of the same pictures circulate on different websites on the internet. All of them claim to have carried out this treatment.
  • Have the treatment executed only by a real MHP specialist with experience. Applying Micro Hair Pigmentation is in fact a real specialty and is not like placing a regular tattoo.
  • Be well informed about any guarantees and payments. Is the price all-inclusive or do you pay per treatment?
  • Ask for a GGD license.

MHP Center Holland does not perform hair transplants and is solely specialized in Micro Hair Pigmentation.

Some Methods

To give you the best possible option, we will discuss some of the most selected treatments for baldness and clearly identify all pros AND cons.

The FUE Hair Transplant is one of the most often chosen forms of hair transplant. With the FUE method hair roots are removed one by one from the back of the head. This is done with a hollow needle or a dedicated drill. In a FUE Hair Transplant treatment, the hairs are usually taken from the back of the head. This is because hair will never fall out at the back of the head. The removed hairs are implanted in the area that is to be treated, such as, for example, on top of the head, on the hairline, or on the side of the head. Because hairs have been removed from the back of the head, these will not fall out due to their genetic characteristics, thus no more hair loss.

  • Advantage FUE Hair Transplant: No big and long scar (like with a FUT Hair Transplant)
  • Disadvantage FUE Hair Transplant: Because hairs are removed it creates a risk of large gaps in and around the hair.

Did you undergo a FUE Hair Transplant and suffer from the gaps that have appeared? These gaps can also be successfully camouflaged using Micro Hair Pigmentation. You will not only get rid of  your baldness, but also enjoy an optimal hair density!

The FUT Hair Transplant used to be very popular in the past but is less frequently executed now. During a FUT Hair Transplant, a strip of skin is removed at the back of the head. From this piece of skin several grafts (hair roots) are taken. After this, very small channels are created in the area to be treated and the skin grafts are placed back using special equipment designed for this treatment. The grafts that are placed back will start to grow after 3 - 4 months and after about 12 months you may enjoy a new head of hair.

  • Advantage FUT Hair Transplant: No chance of large gaps in and around the hair (as with the FUE method).
  • Disadvantage FUT Hair Transplant: Always a large and visible scar.

Do you have such a big scar caused by a FUT hair transplant? This scar can be camouflaged by using Micro Hair Pigmentation. For more information, see scar camouflage.

Hair Transplant

Both with the FUE- as FUT Hair Transplants, only a limited number of hairs can be removed since you cannot keep on taking hair away at other places. This will continuously create new scars and bald spots. Also, the transplanted hairs cannot be placed too close together, thus you will always continue to see the scalp with a hair transplant.

Another major disadvantage of a hair transplant, in general, is that you do not prevent baldness. Hair transplantation is a continuous process. That is why you will always have to keep transplanting. Besides the fact that a hair transplant is surgery and therefore may have physical impact, you are also not sure that all the transplanted hairs will remain, as it is very well possible that, of all the transplanted hairs, only 60% remains.

The only advantage that you have with a hair transplant in contrast to Micro Hair Pigmentation is that the hair does grow back. Micro Hair Pigmentation is a tattoo and a tattoo is a permanent "decoration" of the skin, so no means to grow hair.

Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP)

As described above undergoing a hair transplant has both advantages and disadvantages. Micro Hair Pigmentation only has one disadvantage compared to a hair transplant and that is that with Micro Hair Pigmentation you do not grow hairs. Apart from this, Micro Hair Pigmentation only has advantages compared to a hair transplant, namely:

  • In contrast to a hair transplant surgery, Micro Hair Pigmentation is NO surgery. Possible side effects of surgery are therefore excluded.
  • The outcome of Micro Hair Pigmentation is so realistic that no one will notice that the tattooed stubbles are not real. Thanks to the special UFT method of MHP Center Holland the stubbles are even nearby not recognizable as tattooed.
  • In contrast to a hair transplant only with Micro Hair Pigmentation the desired density can be achieved, this is because with a hair transplant the hairs cannot be placed close to each other.
  • You determine your own hairstyle. Are you going for a softer look or do you chose to have tighter lines?
  • In contrast to a hair transplant, Micro Hair Pigmentation is REALLY permanent. With a hair transplant you will have to undergo a new operation once in a while. With Micro Hair Pigmentation, you would only need a light touch-up after 15-20 years, but the stubbles will never disappear.

At MHP Center Holland it is possible, by appointment, to get a free test piece using the special UFT method. During this appointment, in addition to the free test piece we can provide you with all the information regarding Micro Hair Pigmentation, and we will gladly answer all your questions. Do not hesitate, quickly make an appointment and be amazed by the spectacular results of Micro Hair Pigmentation at MHP Center Holland!

Because the FUT method has been popular for years, there are now thousands of people, if not more, who walk around with a scar at the back of their head. With the help of Micro Hair Pigmentation, it is now possible to camouflage the scar that remained as a result of a FUT hair transplant. Before we can start camouflaging your scars, it should, however, comply with some conditions, namely:

  • Scar may not be red or active
  • Scar must be at least 6 months' old

Do you have such a big scar caused by a FUT hair transplant? Do not hesitate and contact MHP Center Holland (without obligation). We will gladly tell you what we can do for you!

Diamond behandeling

New at MHP Center Holland: The Diamond Treatment

Bij de Diamond behandeling wordt de gehele haarkrans voorzien van stoppels met de welbekende Micro Haar Pigmentatie behandeling. Uiteraard bent u ook bij de Diamond behandeling verzekerd van onze specialiteit en het ultieme resultaat door gebruik te maken van onze speciaal ontwikkelde UFT methode.

De Diamond behandeling is er speciaal voor diegene waarbij de kaalheid langzaamaan op de bovenkant van het hoofd begint. Bij deze vorm van kaalheid zal de bovenkant van het hoofd eerst kaal worden, alleen kan dit echter in verschillende vormen beginnen. Zo kan bijvoorbeeld eerst de kruin kaal worden, maar het kan ook beginnen bij de inhammen. Kortom, u heeft er geen invloed of waar de kaalheid begint en hoe deze zich zal vormen.

De haarkrans boven de oren en in de nek is een gebied waar altijd haar zal blijven groeien. Met de Diamond behandeling kunt u ervoor kiezen ook dit gebied te laten pigmenteren. Ideaal voor mannen met dun of weinig haar!

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Scar Camouflage

For many years FUT hair transplant has been a very popular method to transplant hairs. With a FUT hair transplant, a strip of hair is removed from the back of the head and from this strip, grafts (hair roots) are extracted which are placed back to the pre-determined hairline. However, a FUT hair transplant has one major drawback and that is the big scar that remains behind on the head.

Diamond treatment and FUE method

The FUE method is a form of hair transplantation in which hairs are removed from the tonsure. Due to the removal and replacement of these hairs there may be bare spots and/or scars in the tonsure. With the Diamond treatment, these bare spots and/or scars are camouflaged and will not or hardly be visible.

By choosing the Diamond treatment, stubbles are tattooed between the existing ones, thus creating an additional full look and it will not be noticed that you are slowly getting bald. It really gives a sensational full look that looks like real!