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Permanent Ink

MHP Center Holland only works with ink that stays permanently. This ink is specially designed for Micro Hair Pigmentation. The ink is tested and fully meets the requirements of the Dutch market. We have already, quite often, pigmented people who were previously treated at other places with "non-permanent ink". They were not satisfied with the result because it still "faded".

By using this permanent ink, you as a customer at MHP Center Holland, are assured that you do not have to walk around with open or faded spots on the head in the course of the years. In some cases, the pigmentation may be slightly decrease after 2 years, in most cases, it stays good.

For the record, a touch-up is needed in some cases. We define a touch-up as a slight freshening up. The fading process can have several causes:

  • Person with sensitive skin is more susceptible to fading.
  • UV-light also has a certain effect of course.

The starting price for a touch-up is €200,-.

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