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Thin Hair

Not everyone naturally has a full head of hair, sometimes the hair is just thin. People quickly say they have thin hair, but what is thin hair? Thin hair is hair with a diameter of about 0.03 mm, normal hair has a diameter of about 0.06 mm.

It is often thought that people with thin hair have less hair, but this is not true, people with thin hair really just have hair that is thin.

Thin hair can have various causes; it can be genetic but can also be caused by dyeing, blow-drying and straightening.

Optically Thicker Hair

Micro Hair Pigmentation can make thin hair optically appear thicker. By tattooing stubbles on the scalp, the skin will be less visible. This allows your hair to look visually fuller and thicker.

This Micro Hair Pigmentation treatment is suitable for both men and women with thin hair.

Free Test Piece ?!

Do you, or someone you, know have thin hair? Come to MHP Center Holland to have a free test piece. Placing a free test piece is done by appointment. During this appointment, we will give you all the information and we will gladly answer all your questions on Micro Hair Pigmentation.

So, do not hesitate and make an appointment at MHP Center Holland to have a free test piece. Be amazed by the revolutionary results of Micro Hair Pigmentation!

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