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Micro Hair Pigmentation is not only suited for men but also for women who suffer from (patchy) baldness, thinning hairalopecia, hair loss (due to menopause). Using a special UFT method we pigment your scalp in such a realistic way that optically no bald scalp can be seen. One of the most common causes of hair loss in women is stress. As a result of this, hair gets thinner at certain areas, particularly the area around the temples. These spots with thin hair can be camouflaged using Micro Hair Pigmentation camouflaged, creating optically an image of thicker hair in these areas.

Micro Hair Pigmentation Technique

With Micro Hair Pigmentation, realistic stubbles are tattooed on the scalp. Unlike the stubbles for men, these stubbles are tattooed with slightly longer strokes. This technique resembles the hair stroke technique used for placing permanent eyebrows.

Away with the wig!

Unfortunately, some women are forced to wear a wig. For many women, this is uncomfortable and brings a lot of inconveniences. The stubble tattoo is the perfect solution also for these women. MHP Center Holland has made many women happy with a stubble tattoo. After the treatment, it seemed that these women had real hair and many women got rid of their wig!

We have also treated several women (and men) who have worn dreadlocks for years. Their hair broke off and did not grow back because the dreads were to tightly rolled for too long a time. The bald patches which originated as a result of these dreadlocks are camouflaged using Micro Hair Pigmentation.

In order to determine what we can do for you; we will ask you to email a photo of your current hair condition to us or to visit us. At the free intake session, we will gladly discuss the options with you and, if you wish, we will place a free trial piece. With this trial piece, you can see the revolutionary results, which are achievable for you, with your own eyes. Placing a free trial piece is done by appointment. To make an appointment, please contact us.